Loving the Mountains: The Zen of Hiking and Yoga in the Majestic Tassajara Mountains

with Ann Averbach and Shundo David Haye

May 31 – June 3, 2016 (Tuesday-Friday)

This journey is a unique opportunity to combine Tassajara’s favorite activities: meditation, yoga, and hiking as a way to fully nourish yourself, be embodied, heal, and explore.

Take your meditation off the cushion and into the mountains.  Hike with mindfulness in the well-loved trails around Tassajara. This retreat is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the healing beauty of the wilderness and take time to meditate, study, and live the Zen teachings of being deeply connected with our environment.  Using the Mountain and Rivers Sutra as our inspiration, our yoga journey will be one of deeply connecting with breath, body, and the earth.  Using Yoga Ceremony, we will honor the elements and the earth, create space to reconnect, heal deeply, and learn to weave ceremonial space into our daily routines. Come with an open heart and mind!

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