Through the altar we bring in physical representation of the etheric.  We acknowledge the 5 elements through their corresponding sense organs.  We honor fire and its sense of sight with the beauty of the altar.  We honor earth and its sense of smell with the aromas of the altar.  We honor water and its sense of taste with the prasad (food offerings) on the altar.  We honor the air and its sense of touch with the incense and our breath and with the textures of the alter.  We honor the ether and its sense of hearing with our song and the bell or other instruments on the altar.   Through the altar we can also experience the images of gurus, teachers, ancestors, guides, or spirits.  We can use the altar to hold forms of sacred geometry with particular intentions or to hold plant teachers.  Crystals, candles, statues, incense, resins, essential oils, metals and fabrics can all hold powerful energies for the altar.  Here are some photos of altars that inspire us…







The essence of healing integration.  Faith, love, devotion, the sense of the unity and sacred nature of humanity and all life are missing in modern medicine.  These qualities do not create any dogma, nor do they impose any idea, will or discipline on another.  They give the space and the freedom to grow and to see.  They create the grace and flow of the cosmic life-force necessary for healing to occur.  Without them we are broken and withered inside, and our lives have little meaning.  Without them the magic, wonder beauty an purpose in life are taken away.  most of us today are sick because this spiritual meaning is not present in our lives.  We are trapped in the tedium and stimulation of the outer world with practically nothing to nourish our hearts.

– David Frawley – Ayurvedic Healing