We honor. We honor the earth and the ancestors. We honor the many creatures of this earth, sky and sea, great and small. We honor the plants and the fungus and mycorrizai and the soil. We honor the waters of the planet and the waters inside ourselves. We honor the mana, the prana, the life force of all.

            We make offering. Offering our prayers, our art, our love, our food and ultimately our selves to this infinite moment and infinite creation. We offer to the fire, to the wind, to the earth, to the water and to space.

            We give thanks. We give thanks for the many blessings we have received and we give thanks for this precious day. We give thanks to our mother earth.

            We set intention. We vocalize our positive aspirations and attune our energies to support their manifestation. In group ceremony the power of intention is exponential as we support each other’s dreams.

            We ask. We ask for insight and guidance so our actions are harmonious and fruitful. We ask that there be enough for those in need. We ask to be shown the way. We ask to know our true self.

            We release. We release that which no longer serves us back to the mother. We release our sense of isolation to return to the whole of unity.

            We embody. We embody truth and the love of the heart. We embody a higher ethic of respect for all being. We embody the source of creation, born into itself to become aware of itself.

Fire Ceremony

            Fire, agni, is our ancient teacher. Through fire we purify and bring forth light and warmth. Fire enters our eyes through our fiery sense of sight and purifies the blood. Our inner fire digests our food as well as our thoughts and impressions and gives us our will and passion. May our inner and outer fires burn clean with little smoke. Fire crackling etheric sound and reaching to father sky. Mahalo fire for being with us and of us.

Water Ceremony

       Water, Jala, is our ancient source. All of life is born from her. We are mostly water and the earth is mostly covered by water. Water can hold our prayers and intentions with a truly caring nature. She can be so peaceful and still and she can be so violent and overwhelming. We also can change from the calm lake to the raging storm in the waters of our emotions. May our inner waters be clean and pure carrying our highest intentions. Mahalo water for being with us and of us.

Flower Ceremony

       Flowers bring love to the heart. Their fragrance and beauty are a healing gift from creation. They hold soma which we can take into our higher centers to experience the bliss of creation. Our true nature is to be in bloom. This expansive state can be clearly seen in people physically and energetically as a blossoming. The lotus of our crown chakra grows its bliss sheath to encompass all of creation. Mahalo flowers for being with us.

The Four directions

           Mahalo to the East and the Sun, our higher self and perception. Thank you for your laser insight of perception. Thank you for your light and love, allowing all the plants to grow and the creatures to see.            

           Mahalo to the South and to Mars, our will and passion. Thank you for your power of digestion, both digesting our food and our thoughts and experiences. Thank you for samana vayu, the balancing digestive force you hold.

           Mahalo to the West and to Saturn, our death and decay. Mahalo for allowing us to release that which no longer serves us. Thank you for apana vayu, the downward moving wind that allows us to cleanse. Thank you for time and all of its lessons and opportunity.

           Mahalo to the North and to Mercury, our communication and transmutation. Mahalo for the adaptation we experience, finding ways to change to make lives better. Thank you for Udana vayu, the upward moving wind that carries our words and breath to the celestial. Mahalo for your balance of polarity, the masculine and feminine, the darkness and the light.

Sacred Space – The Heart

We strive for peace and balance above and below, inside and outside. Sacred space is made in our hearts and our homes. This can be done by placing power objects around to grid the space or can be done through internal prayer or meditation. Sacred movement or song can consecrate space. Spiritual practice can also charge a space especially with consistency.   Sacred Space truly sources from the heart, hridaya. The heart chakra is called Anahata, “the unstruck sound”, of creation. This is our center from which we make all space sacred, energizing peace and love from the source.


             We expand beyond the limited self definition of the ego to see our infinite nature and experience samadhi. This brings us to a union with all of nature and the planet as whole. She is our mother earth and we respect her and protect her. She has so much to teach us and share. We simply immerse ourselves in her and become peaceful and renewed. In yogic lifestyle, we are aware if our actions are harming others, and must be careful in what industries we support and whether or not they cause harm to the environment or cause harm to beings directly.


      Cacao is one of the most popular foods in the world. Cacao is extremely potent in its effects, but it is usually heavily processed on the market and is much better raw.

        Cacao is a potent spirit. She is known as Ixcacao in Guatemala and is a goddess of abundance similar to laxmi. Guatemala is probably the point of origin for the evolution of Cacao. More varieties exist in Guatamala than anywhere else on earth.

         Share cacao story married to money.


       Mapacho, jungle tobacco, is the father of all plant medicine. He is called upon for protection and clearing, to establish sacred space and draw circle. Mapacho carries our prayers, and it is respectful to offer prayers when working with this spirit. If we consistently offer prayers when we work with mapacho, our connection to this spirit will be strong.


           Huachuma, also known as San Pedro, is a cactus spirit which is utilized by many native peoples including those of Peru and Guatemala. Huachuma is a positive solar spirit and can bring forth incredible union with gaia. Huachuma is also one of the most alkaline plants in the world and can bring forth great physical and psychic healing.


          Through tradition we continue to honor those that have come before us. In the ancient times there were very advanced cultures that made great realizations. These teachings are a precious world heritage. Through our adaptation to a changing world, we may find new ways that are different and more appropriate for us, but this is done with respect for the teachings of tradition that will keep its integrity of form as it expands.


            We send our love spirit of the mayan people. Love to the spirit of the star people and the spirit of lago Atitlan and your sacred springs and trees. We send love to the spirit of Tical.

            We call forth your guidance and love. We send our respectand prayers for the safety of your ancestral land and people.


        We send our love to spirit of the incan people. Love to the spirits of the ancient Apu mountains in the Andes, apu linli, patch tuscon, chakta calca, ventana joik, inti huatana, qinsa kocha, apu chilea, and the spirits of ancient Apu trees in the jungle. We send love to the spirit of Machu Picchu.

           We call forth your guidance and love. We send our respect and prayers for the safety of your ancestral land and people.

           Peru truly holds a vast knowledge of ceremony, plants and healing carried over from the ethers. To experience this tradition is to experience true union with patchamama, mother earth.